Creating User Through Command Line on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)

Adding new user, change USERNAME with the name you want to use.

adduser USERNAME
usermod -aG sudo USERNAME

# switch to user

Log out and log back in as new user. Be sure to add SSH key to new users ~/.ssh if using SSH to login.

Change directory user and group:

# changes recursively
sudo chown -R username:group directory

# changes only the directory
sudo chown username:group directory

To add zsh and OMZ:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install zsh
chsh -s $(which zsh)

Follow these instructions to install OMZ:

vim ~/.zshrc

# add:
alias l="ls --color -lahGg --group-directories-first --time-style='+ %a. %b %d %Y - %r '"
alias ll="ls --color -lah --group-directories-first"

# if the above does not work, run:
sudo apt install coreutils

# load in zshrc changes
source ~/.zshrc